Cheaper Supergreens

The Supergreen Smoothie


Supergreens SmoothieMany people serious about allkalising will tell you that this involves drinking at least two litres a day of what looks like pond water (supergreens) and tastes like what it is... grass. We already take a different approach with the powder itself, making it very palatable and only slightly less alkalising than conventional supergreen powders.

You can further improve the taste with lemon juice, and you can definitely enjoy this as a drink in its own right, although it is usually more of a challenge in winter. If you have a serious need to do so, you will want to pursue this disciplined and intense approach to alkalising for a long time, and maybe for the rest of your life.

However, using smoothies is one of the most realistic ways of making alkalising a constant, year-round base for your diet. Supergreen smoothies can taste sufficiently good that you have a perfect way of getting even the most choosy of kids to consume the equivalent of several pounds of green vegetables.  The General Health Smoothie described below is the ideal way to start off the day and would preferably replace one other meal. (In addition to the supergreen drinks if you have the discipline!) Just watch the benefits in your general health and energy.


Even if you want to pursue a heavy alkalising regime, the Ultra Alkalising Smoothie described below will be a useful part.  

Blended Supergreens SmoothieNotes:

* We use an industrial strength Vita Mix blender to break everything down quickly. These are expensive, so if you don't have one, you can make do with a cheaper heavy-duty blender -- some people recommend the Nutri Bullet -- or a much cheaper standard blender (as long as you're careful to add the ingredients bit by bit, and make sure you add enough liquid to balance the thickness of the avocado).

* These are the basic recipes. We use this opportunity to add several other ingredients including Fructo-oligosaccarides (FOS) pre-biotics, maca and raw cacao.

* If you find the mixture too thick or potent at first, just cut down the amount of the supergreens that you use at the start, then gradually build up. These levels have been found to be a good maintenance level.


The General Health Smoothie

Supergreens SmoothieThis is a supergreens smoothie for general health, and as such goes far beyond the obvious benefits of just alkalising.

Ingredients (enough for one person):

1-2 heaped scoops of Life Greens

3 heaped teaspoons Hemp Seed Protein powder

Half a ripe avocado (as a thickener and for its essential fatty acids)

10 drops pH liquid

Half a small glass of water or half a small glass of oat milk/rice milk/hemp milk (the type without added calcium, which is unnecessary and bad for your cardiovascular health according to recent studies)

Optional: Juice of half a lemon (lemons are alkalising but this is mainly for taste, although the Life Greens will already give it a tart, fruity taste), and/or a small segment of water melon or a small apple (just to add a little extra sweetness, or instead use stevia drops or a little xylitol if you wish).

3 ice cubes in spring/summer


The Ultra Alkalising Smoothie

Supergreens Smoothie 2Here is a smoothie to help with meal replacement when you're on a heavy-duty supergreens alkalising cleanse. It omits anything remotely sweet, other than the fruit extracts in the Life Greens (whose glycemic load are far too small to make any difference.




Ingredients (enough for one person):

2 heaped scoops of Life Greens

2 heaped teaspoons Hemp Seed Protein powder

Half a ripe avocado

10 drops pH liquid

Half a small glass of water

A few drops of stevia (it's very strong, so a tiny amount goes a long way)

Juice of half a lemon (alkalising but primiarly just to improve the taste)

3 ice cubes


The Mildly Alkalising Family Dessert

Supergreens Cocoa SmoothieMany children will accept the General Health Smoothie, but if even this is a challenge, you can still get plenty of supergreens down their throats with this dessert. It's not as alkalising as it could be, but compared with the alternatives, this is one of the healthiest desserts they'll ever eat, and one of the most delicious.

Tip: depending on how much ice you add, and whether you freeze it, you can produce a gloopy desert with the consistency of a blancmange, or a sorbet, or ice lollies.

Tip: unless they're already tuned into alkalising, don't tell them what's in it, until they're hooked!

Ingredients (enough for one person):

2 heaped scoops of Life Greens

2 heaped teaspoons Hemp Seed Protein powder (or more if you want a more nutty flavour)

One ripe avocado

10 drops pH liquid

A few drops of vanilla liquid or some freshly ground vanilla pod

One small glass of oat milk/rice milk/hemp milk

1 heaped teaspoon of xylitol (or if you have to get the sweetness high initially to gain acceptance, use a banana)

3 ice cubes

After blending, add whole berries or chunks of whatever fruit you want to come through in the taste. The frozen pulp, or dry powder, of acai berries will add a potent nutritional kick while also deepening the chocolatey taste.

Green / apple / berries version: as above

Chcolate version: add three teaspoons of cocoa powder, and/or raw cacao powder

Ice lolly version: pour into lolly molds with lolly sticks and freeze